Mac OS X Video Games – Discover the Hottest Mac Games on the Market

Mac OS X video games are a breath of fresh air for Mac users tired of having to switch to Windows in order to play their favorite video games. While some releases are a bit delayed, the wait is well worth it in the end. For most users, games tend to run much smoother on their Macs with no stutters, glitches or other technical problems. And the install is a breeze. The Mac also offers the same ability for online play against PC users as a Windows system.For Mac owners looking to get some Mac OS X video games, here are the most popular games currently on the market:Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: If you want to see the future of gaming, look no further than this first person shooter sequel that exploded onto the scene. Loaded with a riveting storyline and featuring the most vivid graphics, stunning sound quality, and mind blowing special effects, the immersive experience the game provides is simply remarkable. Critically acclaimed, and receiving rave reviews from end users, the game provides top notch, fast paced, quality entertainment.Quake 4: An easy game to pick up and immerse yourself in, Quake 4 is one of the most popular Mac Os X video games on the market. A quality first person shooter game, the developers did an outstanding job of creating an exciting new experience while keeping the most pivotal and essential elements from the previous versions. Visually, the game is spot on -ominous and forbidding. With its rich attention to detail and expansive scale of the world, the game creates a near palpable experience of being in the midst of an industrial war. It also includes colorful characters, challenging missions, and great plot driven action.Civilization 4: Gold Edition: With this epic adventure, you are given the chance to create your own legacy as you rule throughout history, from the beginning of mankind, up through the space age and beyond. The research and meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout this game, as the buildings and scenery are historically accurate and visually stunning.The historical strategy and level of depth involved in the game play is outstanding. You are immersed in nation building, developing and implementing new technologies, practicing diplomacy and, when necessary, waging war. The goal is to become the most powerful leader of the most prosperous and powerful empire that the world has ever known. Be prepared for hours of fun with this one. It’s highly absorbing and wildly addictive.The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes: Get ready to unravel mysteries using your wit and keen powers of observations. This game has 16 intriguing cases to solve, including murder, espionage, theft and ancient curses. The backdrop for the mysteries are all in Victorian London and feature spot-on stunning graphical representations. There are also mini games and puzzles throughout this game, well developed characters, and clever storylines. An engaging game that will keep you and your family and friends entertained for hours.These are just a few of the popular games that are currently offered for Mac users. For more Mac OS X video games, along with detailed reviews and in depth descriptions, visit and immerse yourself in the Mac gaming world.